Using Word VBA to anonymize comments and recorded changes (revisions).

This project makes use of Word 2003 or Word 2007/2010
It is located in a Word document (doc or docm) that must be open together with the other documents to be examined and anonymized.
This is to enable a group to anonymously comment and anonymously review a document without any team problems using the comments and review possibilities of Ms Word.
The developed tool will:


The tool is located in a word document and checks whether VBA is activated. If there is a problem this message will appear in the document.

Starting up tool

The form is presented with different buttons. You now have the possibility to open different word documents containing comments and / or review data. If no comments or revisions are found, you also get a notice.

Form starts

After selecting a Word document in the list, you get an overview of the items in the document.

Selecting a document

This is an optional comment report that can be generated independently from the original document. All user data is also removed from this generated document. The original document is not changed in any way using this report.

Comment report

The comments and the reviews author data are now removed from the selected document .

Comments and revisions are removed.


Comments before

Comments before

Comments after

comment after

Revisions before

revisions before

Revisions After (all data and author info is removed from that spot)

revisions after