Re-introducing the "Insert Summary Slide" functionality in Ms PowerPoint 2007 2010 2013 and 2016 with an Add In

This project was needed to add an old missing functionality in Ms PowerPoint.

In PowerPoint 2003 we were able to insert quickly, at the touch of a 'hidden' button, a "summary slide". This table of content slide can also be manually created using fixed text of even with hyperlinks.
Using VBA programming in a PowerPoint Add-In we were able to reinstate this functionality in newer versions of PowerPoint and we're adding some extras:

On top of that we can insert summaries based upon your presentation Sections. Sections were introduced in PowerPoint 2010. These sections can now be used as pointers to make the summary slide contents. This makes it possible to have a dynamic summary slide that is NOT based upon a very long slide Titles list.

This Add In is tested in Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 32 Bit English version.

Changes in version 3.32: Download AddIn Installer

Changes in version 3.20:

Changes in version 3.11:

Capabilities of version 3.10:

The download of this latest PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 3.20 Add-In is available here: Download installer
(This is an installer that will install the Add In automatically on your office system so that it's ready to use in Ms PowerPoint.)

Screen shots:

After the installation this Add in adds an extra group in the existing "Insert" Tab on your PowerPoint ribbon.

Check the right side on this tab: It has now an extra group located after the group "Media" and "Symbols"

Main menu

The group is named "Summary Slide".

In version 4.20 this menu is slimmed down while at the same time adding functionalities.

Usage: Adding a Summary slide


Detailed menu

This button insert a summary slide after the slide that you have selected. It will use the master design of this selected slide to generate the Summary slide for you.

Inside the button you will discover other options.

Summary slide menu

  • All Slides

If you click on the button: All Slides. The Add in will insert a Summary slide that will take into account all normal slides with a title in your presentation. Title slides and slides without a title are ignored when the summary slide is created.

  • Selected Slides

If you click in the Selected slides button by using the split button-menu functionality, only the selected slides will be taken into account as a source for the creation of the summary slide.
Make sure that you have selected more than 1 slide!

  • Section Summary

Using the button "Section Summary" will create a summary slide based upon the available sections in your presentation.
Attention: in the options of this tool: by default you add the title from the 1st slide in that section. You can also decide to add the title of the section/

Usage: Insert Backlinks

Be sure to have a Summary slide BEFORE you use this functionality.Backlink position

Backlinks menu

This will add Backlinks to the complete presentation leaving out the Summary slide.

Backlinks submenu

  • Add Backlinks to Selected slides

This button inserts Backlinks. Backlinks are text-links on normal slides that jump back to the Summary slide.
The system avoids putting a Backlink on the summary slide.
Backlinks are only usable DURING a presentation.

  • Add Backlinks to all slides

This will add Backlink, pointing to the Summary slide to a selection of slides leaving out the Summary slide.

  • Add Backlinks to Section start slide

This will add Backlinks to the first slide in the section pointing to the Summary slide.

  • Remove all Backlinks

This selection will remove all Backlinks made with this tool from your presentation.

Options: Summary Slide Title

Summary slide optionsSummary slide options pane

If you want to choose another title for the summary slide, you can change it in the text box called Slide Title, available in the ribbon menu.

Summary slide with slide title

Options: Insert Hyperlinks in summary slide lines

If you want Options pane hyperlinksa summary slide with dynamic hyperlinks in the titles, activate the check box Hyperlinks. These hyperlinks are always pointing to the slides, even when you insert other slides in the presentation. The hyperlinks option is On by default.

Attention: These hyperlinks are only active DURING a presentation. SO after you press F5 to start the presentation, you can go to the slide by clicking on a title in the inserted summary slide.

Summary with hyperlinks

Options; Use Title of 1st Slide of section

This option is for if you use sections. It uses thOptions pane USe 1st title of slide in sectione Title of the first slide in your section instead of the section name. If you use hyperlinks in combination with this option, the hyperlink points to the 1st Available slide after the section begins.

By default, this option is ON.