Searching Outlook Calendar using Outlook 2010 2016 and 365 with VBA

This project makes use of Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 (tested). The application performs two main actions
1. It searches the Outlook calendar for 'available' free days, and inserts the result in any active text area, such as a mail contents box starting from the position of the cursor.
2. It creates a report of current assignments, who can be filtered using the company prefix entered in the calendar.
It makes it easy to mail available days or assignment statuses to companies being a freelancer.

The quick insertion of open days, based upon your outlook calendar, is performed by the green button on top of a mail.

Launch buttons in a mail

The detailed usage of this VBA application is started with a click on the red button on top op of mail.

Insert Jobs Button

After clicking the green button on top, you are presented with a dialog box. On this dialog you can quickly accept the proposed timespan or choose another one.

Inert Free of Open Days dialog box

This is the advanced printout dialog. Here you can choose a timespan, either by specifying two dates manually or by selecting a period using the top middle button)

The report header can be customized at will. By using #p, #s and #e textual codes you can make you own header, including the selected number of days (#p), start date (#s) and end date (#e).

Every customization is saved in a xml settings file after closing this form. Your settings are saved automatically and reloaded the next time this form is used.

Current jobs:
You can insert your current jobs by specifying a client name and/or a category name.

Further details include:

displaying the end date
show the prefix of the client
display the hours
show the category name

Free Time:
The free time insertion can be customized to show more details than using the quick green button.

You can insert the jobs that are between open days.
You can choose to include weekend in the report.
You can choose werther or not to display the weeknumbers.
Finally, you can customize the open day message.

Insert Jobs Dialog Box


After clicking on the Insert button the routine will insert this data in the cursor position in a mail or another contents box. Notice the indentation and the mentioning of the weeknumbers for a better readability. Long, unstructured lists are so difficult to read.

Result of the Free and Open days calendar lookup

Detailed printing form: To manually reprint a specific date range.

Insert Jobs Result