Making a vet calendar using Excel 2007 and VBA

This project makes use of Excel 2007 to provide a vet with custom made calendar sheets that can be printed out for the whole year.
Conditional formatting indicates special hours in the calendar or special holidays occurring during the year.
The VBA programming is used to printout the calendar sheets recto verso for the 365 days in the year.

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Settings sheet: It is retains and centralizes the settings for the calendar used by different conditional formatting cells.

Settings Sheet Excel

A simple printout form: For printing one month using a manual recto-verso technique.
Different messages appear in this form to inform the vet of the different printout steps to be taken for a manual recto-verso printout.

Dialog form Simple Printing

Year planner sheet: An extra page with 12 month blocks using conditional formatting and other formula tricks to indicate special dates defined in the centralized settings sheet.

Year Planner sheet

Detailed printing form: To manually reprint a specific date range or one day.

Detailed Printing Form

Detail Page: This page is used by the vet to fill in several details, messages, operations that happened or are scheduled during that day.

Detailed sheet

Calendar sheet: This is the actual vet's calendar page per half hour. Conditional formatting is used to indicate special consultancy or open consultancy hours. The specific data of these hours are centrally managed in the settings sheet.