An application developed in Ms Access 2003-2007 that finds corresponding birthdays between clients and a list of historic and famous people.

This application is used as a standalone application in PC environments where Ms Office is not necessarily installed.
Installation support was extended to Windows XP and windows Vista/7

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Startup ScreenA simple interface was needed to make the application accessible by all types of computer users. On the left side of the application you can see the navigator side pane (red vertical column). In this part the main navigation buttons are placed. On startup the librarian is notified on the situation of the printout database. Errors during startup of the usage of a non supported Office version are also displayed using this screen.

Settings Screen

A simple settings screen provide the different libraries with the possibility to personalize their copy. These settings are used in the end result: the printed letter for the clients.











Importing from an Excel File

The librarian can use a simple Excel file in a standard database format to input their clients list in the application. As there were systems without Office installed, Excel could not be used as a programmatic development source; Ms Access had to do it completely on it's own using the runtime installation. There is some flexibility as we can choose the columns to import and that the column names mustn't be presented in a specific name or order.

Editing of the imported clients

After the Excel import phase, the clients data could be edited, selected and searched before the letters were printed. This selection of the clients can be used in the printing process.

Editing the famous peopleThe included database of famous people's birthdays is matched against the birthday data of the clients.

Printing processThe printing process is previewing the amount of letters or labels that are going to be printed. The librarian can choose between several templates already provided.  

Print preview of a letterThis is a sample of the actual letters that come out of the system. To provide the librarian with some of the possibilities in printing, we provided some of the print settings in the ribbon.